Greenpacha Tour

Living a life we love, based in simple origins, creating a better world–inspired by adventure, paradise, family & friends.

We invite you to follow us on the #greenpachatour and hopefully create a story of your own to tell.


Japan Greenpacha Tour

Greenpacha flies to the International Surfing Association’s World Championships–which was a pre-qualifyer for next year’s Surfing Olympic Games in Japan.

Take a tour with us through the beaches, temples, art museums and everything in between with us.

Bali Greenpacha Tour

Greenpacha ambassadors, Tiare (tee) and Pedro take us through one of their and Greenpacha’s beloved locations–the Island of the Gods–Bali.

Paradise is wherever you make it and they’re doing a fine job!

Accompanying them are the #greenpachatour hats which are travel essentials for easily fitting into their suitcases.


Ecuador Greenpacha Tour

Take a tour through our roots–a place where tradition, craftsmanship, and nature work in perfect harmony.

An inside look of where out hats are woven and of the beautiful women that hand weave our Greenpacha hats.

Every year we visit the weavers and their community and each time we go we continue believing that Sig Sig, Ecuador is truly a place like no other.


Peru Greenpacha Tour

Greenpacha heads to one of the places where it get’s a lot of inspiration and magic–Peru and more specifically Cusco.

There we were awe-stricken by Mother Earth and all of her beauty and explored the ruins of the Inca Empire.

We prayed to the sun, the stars, the moon and the Pacha Mama for allowing us to experience such a wonderful adventure.

We remain forever grateful and humble by the experience and our existence.


Mexico Greenpacha Tour

In an undisclosed location, we found ourselves in paradise among the west coasts of Mexico.

Completely surrounded by the Mexican deserts and the Pacific Ocean with friends and family, we couldn’t ask for more.